Decrease TTM of your product dramatically
The new tool for parallel iOS tests execution on multiple apple computers will boost your dev's speed and speed up regression testing
 Many teams already use Emcee
Parallel test run of UI/Unit tests on different nodes
Run UI/Unit test of all developers on pull-requests and regression tests before release on a common queue on any number of remote hosts
Easy remote nodes management
Using a tool-helper Emcee-admin you can manage the state of all nodes and quickly add new ones

Advanced analytics

You can get data of your hardware usage effectiveness, check bottlenecks in your tests and make data-driven decisions how to speed up your test runs
Emcee will help to make test runs fast, TTM short, the quality of your app high
Improve Developer Experience for your devs
With Emcee, test runs will become faster, developers will receive faster feedback from CI and the quality of features that are released will be higher.
Build the trustworthy CI
Flaky tests can be overcomed. It's possible to set the number of re-runs in order to make things work even in flaky environment.
Get 5-stars App Store reviews
With Emcee it's possible to run UI tests to check every single developer's change on CI. Before every release to App Store or on schedule. Autotesting has never been so useful for app's quality before.
Let your QAs be occupied with things that really matter
Your QAs don't need to check all business scenarios before each release anymore. Let's Emcee do that! Creating, evolving and supporting of test model - that is the filed where QAs' competencies are really needed.
Do regression testing in minutes

Do you support 3 latest iOS versions and iPhone's screens become more various? Just run 5 simulators at once with different iOSs and screen sizes on every mac-mini and add as many nodes for your test run as you need.

Unblock the opportunity to write lots of UI tests in your company
You don't have to have only "top 100 most important" tests, which are being run forever. With testrun, being distributed on many nodes, now is possible to write more tests, that can check the app before every release in order not to pass a single bug to your users.
Security - is top priority
Emcee runs on your hardware, It doesn't upload application and its tests on any 3rd party services. Everything is under your control.
Our customers' feedback
Try to use Emcee for free. We will provide help and support if needed

Up to 5 nodes in the farm are provided for free, credit card is not needed
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